Thursday, February 8, 2024

What If The Real War In Israel Hasn’t Even Started?!

It is clear that Israel is in a fight for her very existence of which the war in Gaza is just a part. She stands alone. No other power is going to send its troops to help her overwhelm a determined enemy even if its apocalyptic ideology really threatens us all. The Biden government, if it can be called that, does not even have the political will to maintain law and order in America's cities or repel a massive invasion of illegal aliens.

This chilling and sinking realization must compel Israel to kill and crush the enemy without compunction and destroy its military as a fighting force. Left undone, life in Israel will not be worth living and the rest of us will be left wondering where and when the terrorists will strike at us. Any agreements with them are worth less than the paper upon which they are written.

The Iranian regime from whence a cascading fountain of unending lethal aggression flows must be removed from power if an enduring peace is ever to be established. This must be accomplished BEFORE the grisly ayatollahs get their blood-drenched hands on a nuclear weapon. Once done, this will derange all the calculations of every terrorist organization they finance and control as well as their calcified belief that they are in possession of a celestial warrant to terrorize, subjugate and kill the rest of us simply because we do not subscribe to the preposterous tenets of Islam with all of its ferocious hatreds as convincingly demonstrated on October 7th.

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