Tuesday, December 6, 2022


 If Meghan Markle had ceased her social mountaineering expedition the day of her wedding it would have been one of the greatest coups ever achieved by someone completely unsuited to marry a British royal prince including the verminous Wallis Simpson who was just as cunning and manipulative but was unable to deploy a full deck of race cards with the kind of monotonous regularity shoveled up to us by Meghan Markle.

Despite what one would confidently assume to be the spine stiffening experience of 10 years serving in the British army including two tours of dangerous duty in thoroughly poxy Afghanistan, somehow Meghan Markle divined the emotional frailty in Prince Harry caused by his mother’s tragic and untimely death and was able to exploit the effects of his lingering trauma to her own advantage which is to say she sucked him in and blew him out in bubbles both figuratively and literally.

Today, the Duke & Duchess of Netflix will receive the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award for their “heroic” stand against institutional racism within the British monarchy, an atrocious slander for which they have produced no evidence but only a laborious interview with the bulky Oprah Winfrey that was riddled with lies and self-pity and revealed to the world that Prince Harry is in urgent need of a new tailor as well as a new wife.

Former recipients of this supposedly prestigious award have been His Fraudulency Barack H. Obama, the America-hater Colin Kaepernick, the plagiarist and presidential failure Joe Biden, the endlessly self-promoting weasel Dr. Anthony Fauci and the relentless Israel-basher Bishop Desmond Tutu to name a few.

To believe that the neutered Harry and the venal Meghan actually deserve this award, as dubious as it has become in much the same way the Nobel Peace Prize, requires the sort of suspension of disbelief normally reserved for reading science fiction novels.