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 Tragically, I must agree with everything Melanie Phillips has written in her incisive article posted below..

As preposterous as the accusations against the Jewish people are in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and as libelous as the charge of deicide is against the Jews that persisted for 2,000 years and as horrific as the Nazi theories of racial supremacy were, they all take a back seat to the doctrine of annihilation against Israel and the Jews as set out in gruesome detail and without embarrassment in the Hamas Charter. More people should read it especially our leaders who, even now, seem to be on a vacation from reality with regard to the genocidal intentions of Hamas. The Hamas Charter is the most unabashed document of hatred ever written. 

Now we are living in a time where truth, logic and reason appear to be unknown to this new age of irrational Jew-haters. Instead of sympathizing with and supporting the Jewish people for the genocidal attack of October 7th.these junior jihadis are championing the evil, brutal savages who committed the awful butchery. They are actually waving flags that proudly declare, “Long Live October 7th.” Let that sink in! They are supporting crazed murderers whose cause is built on the wobbly scaffold of historical revision and lies bigger than the planet Jupiter.

The real cause, the real goal, the real undiminished aim of Hamas’ Islamic triumphalism is the establishment of an Islamic caliphate in the Middle East which by definition requires the destruction of Israel and the death of every Jew in sight.

It is simply not possible to accommodate, to tolerate or to live in peace with people who seek this outcome. Talking about peace, no agreement that allows Hamas to survive and its leaders to live should be countenanced for a fraction of a second.

As for the Hamas supporting filth on college campuses and in faculty common rooms, they should be confronted with overwhelming force and cleared out root and branch from our institutions and universities particularly the Ivy League which does not stand alone in this subversion of reason and decency. It has devolved into the endless toilet roll of our educational system and constitutes the keystone in an arch of failure across America.

A singular and shocking lack of moral clarity was ably demonstrated by the presidents of Harvard, MIT and the University of Pennsylvania last January who, testifying before a congressional committee, were unable or, worse still, unwilling to say if calling for the genocide of Jews on their respective campuses constituted a violation of their codes of conduct.

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that this moral confusion and scholastic disgrace bears a significant responsibility for the national disgrace to which we are currently being subjected and will continue to endure until we act against it and reestablish the liberal, democratic ideals enshrined in our guiding light to freedom, the constitution of the United States. This constitution is anathema to the fascist, murdering scum of Hamas and its willing collaborators who infest the U.N., academia, our institutions, our government bureaucracy and our city halls. 

If all of this is not bad enough, then consider this: in order to secure his reelection Joe Biden is pandering to the jihadi electorate in places like Michigan and Minnesota. These are people who actively support Hamas, an internationally recognized group of terrorists who committed the murderous obscenities of October 7th.Any politician, any party, any person who seeks the approval of these voters should be objects of public obloquy and derision. They are guilty of a spectacular moral failure and are unfit to live among the rest of us or ever to hold public office.

We must act forcefully before the screams of, “Intifada Now!” become our epitaph.


Saturday, June 15, 2024


 I'm not sure about these particular measures but I am sure that science will discover ways to extend our lives and improve our cognitive abilities. I would like these advances to be denied my enemies whose lives I would prefer to be cut short rather than extended.

Being some sort of latter-day Dorian Gray has never appealed to me although living long enough for Cindy Crawford's daughter to come of age would present a happy prospect and cheer me up enormously. 

Currently, unlike Rupert Murdoch (93) who just got married for the fifth time, I'm invisible to much younger women so any improvements that might rectify this misfortune would be most welcome. I suspect a large infusion of cash might help.

With a greatly increased lifespan I would be able to read all the books I've wanted to read for years. Of course, I wouldn't be able to read everything in print. Allegedly, the last man to do that was Erasmus and he died a happy and contented soul in 1536 having escaped the future depredations of (c)rap music, progressive Democrats and Barack Obama. Some scientific advances along with the passage of time come with their own set of punishments it seems.


These millionaires want to be forever young!

One ‘guinea pig’ spends $120,000 a year in pursuit of fountain of youth: XPRIZE FOUNDER Peter Diamandis undergoes a plasma exchange in Santa Monica. He’s a spokesman for the longevity industry and an investor.

By Andrea Chang 

Peter Diamandis, a week away from turning 63, bounds out of a Starbucks on a recent morning with a cup of decaf, his daily medley of 70 supplement capsules in his pocket and, tucked under his left arm, a box of freshly deposited poop.

The serial entrepreneur is in the standard uniform of serial entrepreneurs: jeans, sneakers, fitted black T-shirt, Apple Watch, Oura Ring and puffer vest, the back of which says, “Life is short ... until you extend it.”

“I woke up at 6. I meditated for 15 minutes. I took fecal samples — I hate to say that, unappetizing, sorry,” Diamandis says as he makes his way up Wilshire Boulevard. “Went through my dental protocol. Did push-ups and sit-ups and squats. And then came here.”

“Here” is a sixth-floor doctor’s office in Santa Monica, where the XPrize founder has been coming every few weeks to undergo therapeutic plasma exchange. The $7,500 procedure involves removing blood, running it through a machine to separate out the plasma and replace it with albumin and saline, and then returning the replenished blood to the body.

“I’m basically giving myself an oil change,” Diamandis says once he’s hooked up, a large-gauge needle poking out of each arm, deep red blood flowing in both directions. He’ll be here for the next three hours.

Therapeutic plasma exchange is typically done to treat a number of diseases, but as far as Diamandis knows — and he has gone to great lengths to know — he is in excellent health. Instead, he’s using it prophylactically as part of the $120,000 he spends every year to live as long as possible.

He is hardly alone in the pursuit. The eternal quest to delay or even conquer death has reached new levels of fascination in recent years, spurred by a growing number of researchers studying the aging process and major investments in the field from billionaires including Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Peter Thiel and Sam Altman.

The anti-aging movement has also gotten a boost — and a fair share of ridicule — from extreme tales of rich immortality biohackers such as Los Angeles multimillionaire Bryan Johnson, who claims that death is no longer inevitable. The 46-year-old tech entrepreneur follows an audacious $2-million-a-year “ don’t die ” plan — downing shots of olive oil and protein-packed “nutty pudding” and obsessively measuring his bodily functions down to the duration of his nighttime erections — in an attempt to turn back his biological clock.

Longevity is the medical frontier and lifestyle fad of the moment, but it remains a hotly debated and controversial topic within the scientific community.

Although human lifespan has more than doubled since the early 1900s — life expectancy at birth is now about 73 years globally — it is unclear whether any of the buzzy treatments widely marketed today will amount to a meaningful increase in quantity and quality of life down the line. Skeptics criticize much of the remedies being peddled as scientifically unproven and nothing more than hype and false hope.

There are also moral questions at play and a basic philosophical disagreement over whether aging should be considered a disease that can be reversed — and, if so, what that even means. Without aging being defined as an illness, longevity treatments face a murky regulatory path with the Food and Drug Administration.

“The promise and the potential are transformative, and I really do think we’re going to see a revolution in health because of longevity medicine,” said Mitchell Lee, a molecular geneticist and chief executive of Ora Biomedical, a biotech firm focused on developing therapies to help people live longer, healthier lives. “The cold water to splash on the face is we are not there yet. We don’t know of any single intervention that improves healthy lifespan, like what we’ve seen in the lab, in humans.”

That hasn’t stopped longevity influencers and enthusiasts from experimenting, especially those with the money and time needed to immerse themselves in the booming market of treatments, superfoods, pills and powders, concierge doctors and med spas, IV nutrition drips, biometric screenings and strict regimens that they believe will extend their lifespans and, crucially, their health spans.

“No one wants to be 150 drooling in a wheelchair,” says Diamandis, whose extensive self-testing includes sitting in front of a 4-foot red-light panel every morning in his Santa Monica home (he believes the therapy improves skin health and reduces inflammation in the body) and off-label usage of rapamycin, an immunosuppressant drug that has been shown to slow cellular aging in mice and other animals.

“This is the early days where I consider myself in part a chief guinea pig,” he says. “I don’t feel I’m taking a very high risk, so I find very little downside and, I believe, reasonable upside.”

How long would he like to live? “One hundred is a lowball offer,” he told a packed audience during a longevity roundtable at the recent Milken Institute Global Conference. “Let’s add a few multipliers on that.”

Diamandis has become a prominent spokesman for the industry and an investor in it, directing a third of his $600-million venture fund, Santa Monica-based Bold Capital Partners, into longevity and other health-related startups.

He says he is aware that he shoulders “significant responsibility” as he works to turn a profit in the emerging longevity field. He says he consults with physicians and a medical advisory board to ensure that what is being presented to customers is “peer-reviewed science with rigor and reproducibility.”

“There are a lot of dubious treatments,” he says. “If it’s anything that’s being delivered to humans, we really dive in and evaluate to make sure they’ve got the appropriate FDA approvals and that there is strong published science. Because I do feel an obligation.”

Diamandis first became intrigued by super-long living when he was a medical student at Harvard and learned about the bowhead whale, which scientists estimate can live to more than 200 years, and the Greenland shark, with a lifespan believed to be as much as 500 years. (Although he graduated from med school, he didn’t pursue a career as a physician.)His reasons for wanting to push the boundaries of his existence are both personal and otherworldly.

He had children for the first time at 50 — twin sons who are now 12 — and he wants as much time with them as he can get (and, eventually, with their children and their grandchildren).

And as a technologist who has started more than 25 companies, most of them in the space, health-tech and education industries, he sees humans making enormous leaps in the near future and doesn’t want to miss out. In particular, he believes we are getting close to “longevity escape velocity,” a theory embraced by immortalists that posits that, at some point, scientific breakthroughs will extend a person’s remaining life expectancy by more than a year for every year that they stay alive.

“Going to the moon, going to the asteroids, seeing humanity spread itself through the solar system — I want to witness and participate,” he says over the gentle whirring of the plasma exchange machine as a team of doctors and nurses monitor his vitals. Nearby, a translucent bag hanging from a metal pole steadily fills with a cloudy amber-hued liquid — his “toxic soup” of discarded plasma, Dr. Sheldon Jordan says.

Diamandis is the first to acknowledge his live-long goal is not altogether altruistic. Longevity, he said over lunch at the Casa del Mar hotel in Santa Monica in April (grilled fish, steamed veggies, shot of olive oil at the end), is “the biggest business opportunity on the planet.”

And it’s growing at a rapid pace. The longevity and anti-senescence therapy market totaled $27.1 billion last year and is predicted to reach $44.9 billion by 2031, according to market research firm InsightAce Analytic.

A separate analysis by Deloitte found that the top 50 longevity-focused companies raised more than $1 billion in venture funding as of 2020 and noted that “we are at the cusp of a new multibillion-dollar longevity industry.”

The firm added a caveat: “Success has been uneven. Despite exponential gains early on, the extension of lifespan has largely leveled off in the past 30 years.”

In the last decade, Diamandis has shifted his entrepreneurial endeavors and investments to focus primarily on extending healthspan.

His latest XPrize, announced in November, is a seven-year global incentive competition that will award $101 million in prize money — the largest purse to date — to the team that best develops a therapeutic treatment able to reverse aging by 20 years in cognition, muscle and immune function.

He is co-founder of biotech firms including Celularity, a regenerative and cellular medicine company, as well as several consumer-facing ventures.

Twice a year, he leads a “Platinum Longevity Trip” that links 40 ultra-high-net-worth individuals with top scientists, chief executives, startup founders and laboratories in the age-reversal field. For $70,000, promotional materials promise, participants will “gain unparalleled access” to the latest treatments and clinical trials and learn about research into tissue and organ regeneration, epigenetic reprogramming, neurocognitive regeneration and artificial intelligence drug discovery.

The “five-day, five-star longevity deep-dive” includes private air travel and resort lodging; upcoming trips in the fall in San Francisco and San Diego are already more than half full.

He also runs Abundance360, a year-round executive program that culminates in a five-day summit held at Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes. This year’s gathering featured a day devoted to longevity, with members paying $23,500 to $45,000 to attend in person.

Other groups catering to the uber-wealthy are assembling their own anti-aging programs. Last year R360, an exclusive organization for centimillionaires, led a longevity trip to the Harvard laboratory of David Sinclair, a genetics professor and leading researcher on reversing the aging process at a cellular level. In July members will visit the Buck Institute for Research on Aging in Novato, Calif. 

“If you’ve been fortunate enough to make $100 million or more, you want to do whatever you can to live forever,” said Michael Cole, managing director of R360. Since the organization was founded three years ago, its health, wellness and longevity subgroup has been one of the most popular offerings among its 125 members, whose average net worth is $400 million.

Many members, Cole said, are also traveling abroad for anti-aging treatments not available in the U.S. Stem cell therapy in particular has been a driver of medical tourism to Panama, Antigua and Croatia, said Jonathan Edelheit, chief executive of the Medical Tourism Assn. The controversial procedure, which purports to rejuvenate the body by regenerating tissues, improve organ function and reduce disease risk, can cost tens of thousands of dollars per session.

“We’re witnessing a surge in the number of stem cell clinics, and this trend is likely to accelerate significantly in the next 12 to 24 months,” Edelheit said. “You’re going to see people with money diving into this even more.”

Diamandis has also gotten into the clinic business, though not for stem cells (he believes there are benefits to the trendy therapy popularized by athletes and celebrities, but has stayed away after developing an inflammatory reaction a few weeks after trying stem cell joint injections).

Four years ago he started Fountain Life, which bills itself as a “country club for precision diagnostics,” with William Kapp, who is the chief executive, life coach Tony Robbins and others. The high-end chain of medical centers is taking a proactive approach to healthcare. Fifteen hundred people are paying for the top-tier membership, which costs $19,500 a year and comes with a dedicated healthcare team led by a “longevity physician.”

The goal is to predict and catch diseases before they manifest by putting customers through an expansive battery of tests including MRI and CT imaging; whole genome sequencing; bone density scans; toxin, function and performance testing; and other biomarker checksThere are four Fountain Life centers so far, in Florida, New York and Texas, with plans underway to launch dozens in major cities around the world.

Next year Diamandis will open a 12,000-square-foot Century City location with hospitality mogul Sam Nazarian, who signed on as a partner after a visit to one of the centers in the fall revealed that he had a 7.5-millimeter brain aneurysm. Fountain Life’s medical team referred the 48-year-old to a surgeon who removed it a month later.

While Diamandis likes to say that 8 billion people all face the same disease of aging, what he’s selling is a luxury currently out of reach for most people. He insists costs will come down as AI, biotech and imaging technologies improve.

“When technologies don’t work well, they’re paid for by the rich, who experiment,” he says. “When they finally work really well, they’re in mass production and available to everybody.” And much of what he’s advocating for, he notes, is free.

During his many conference appearances, in the books he’s written, and on his blog and podcast, he pushes well-established healthy lifestyle practices first and foremost: getting enough sleep (ideally seven to eight hours a night); a balanced diet high on protein and low on carbs; cutting down or eliminating sugar (“a poison,” he says); and a consistent exercise routine that prioritizes building muscle mass. It also helps, he says, to have an optimistic mindset. 

Suddenly, he stops midsentence. “Hey guys, could you slow it down a tiny bit? I’m just feeling a little lightheaded.” Moments before, Diamandis had asked to speed up the rate that his blood was being processed because he was in a hurry to get home and tape his podcast. He also needs to find a post office to send his box of poop, which at the moment is being used as a coaster for his Starbucks cup, to a lab for microbiome testing. A nurse brings him a carton of apple juice and a bag of Cheez-Its. He consumes both, not above sugars and processed snacks in this moment, but starts to turn pale. His heart rate drops to 45 beats per minute.

Soon Diamandis is laid flat on his back, head lowered, feet elevated. The plasma machine is switched off with eight minutes left to go. He recovers quickly after an extra infusion of saline and is on his feet within 20 minutes, proudly holding up three bulging bags of plasma.

A few days later, he celebrates his 63rd birthday with his family (and one indulgent bite of chocolate cake) and shares a message with his quarter-million followers on X: “Live long enough to live forever.”








Sunday, June 9, 2024


The most damning sentence from the article below describing Mrs. Clooney's anxious participation in the ICC ruling against Israel's leader is the following: "Likening Prime Minister Netanyahu to Hamas’s Yehya Sinwar is like indicting Churchill and Roosevelt alongside Göring and Ribbentrop at Nuremberg."

The looney Clooneys are morally confused on this one. The Sunni Muslim tribalism of her mother must have helped Amal to cast her British legal training aside, a training where evidence, impartiality and impregnable logic are inculcated because they are essential elements in reaching a just verdict.

Biased activism in support of the most wicked and cruel murdering Islamic terrorists and upholding standards of justice are not the same thing. It’s best not to get the two confused. Perhaps the mandarins of the Inner Temple at London's Inns of Court could provide her with some much-needed guidance on this matter.

As for her outraged husband, if the protesting and self-important George withdraws from Biden’s fundraiser in Hollywood then other and far more wealthy but just as conceptually adrift panjandrums of the Hollywood elite will eagerly take his and Amal’s place though I doubt either of them will want to miss the opportunity to frisk around with His Fraudulency, Barack Obama, Tinsel Town’s most exalted anti-American whose star, quite naturally, is also made of tinsel.


Saturday, June 1, 2024


This article by Michael Makovsky alarmingly suggests that Israel has been outmaneuvered by Iran when Iran armed Hezbollah to the teeth and used that huge cache of weaponry to deter Israel from attacking Iran and making any conflict with Hezbollah much more destructive and painful. Israel will always be on the defensive until there is a change of government in Iran most of whose population are yearning for exactly that.

Even if the Arab Palestinians were removed from Judea, Samaria and Gaza the threats from Hezbollah, the Hamas diaspora and Syria would still exist and then there is the wider threat from Islam and the irrational, fanatical Jew-hatred that has been inculcated over centuries poisoning the minds of its stupefied votaries. 

It is not comforting to realize that none of us are exempt from the ferocious hatreds of Islam. A thoroughly disgusting example of these hatreds is contained in the Hamas Charter and has just been demonstrated on college campuses across America and Europe as the filthy supporters of Hamas and Arab Palestinians, increasingly a distinction without a difference, have loudly and aggressively proclaimed their emotional incontinence along with their desire for revolution and jihad against the West.

Israel, a long-embattled outpost of western values, is fighting not only for her own survival but also for the survival of western civilization.

We have a moral imperative to help Israel resist and overcome the barbarian onslaught before that onslaught is turned on us. Note to the Biden/Obama administration: this is best done when not in a prostrate position.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Amal Clooney Behind International Criminal Court's Warrant to Charge Netanyahu with War Crimes.

 Everyone knows, even if they do not want to admit it, that the Israel Defense Force (IDF) is known throughout the world for taking more care to avoid civilian casualties than any other military in the history of warfare.

Mrs. Clooney would be far better off pursuing Mahmoud Abbas and the leaders of Fatah for crimes against humanity who have boasted they took part in the October 7th. massacre and who, like Yahya Sinwar, have vowed to carry out similar attacks again and again until Israel is annihilated.

That over 70% of Arab Palestinians in Gaza and in Judea & Samaria have declared their support for this historically obscene massacre is lost on Mrs. Clooney.

Her Druze father must have told her Sunni Muslim mother that the Druze community was constantly persecuted by the Sunni Ottoman Empire including forced conversion to Islam. This should have given Mrs. Clooney some pause.

Not much has changed since then so one has to ask why Mrs. Clooney, a British barrister mind you, would attempt to claim the moral high ground by approving a charge of war crimes by the International Criminal Court against Benjamin Netanyahu and other members of the Israeli cabinet without a morsel of evidence. Of course, for some people being associated with any organization that has "international" in its title is just too tempting to resist.
Perhaps Mrs. Clooney has been infected with the same Obama-fawning virus as her husband, a viral strain that promotes racial division, anti-Americanism and Jew-hatred whenever the opportunity arises cloaking it in the most ingratiating aspects of so-called social justice that appeals to every graduate of Twitter University.

Mrs. Clooney is an adjunct professor at Columbia’s School of Law. This explains a lot including why she has been silent about the junior jihadi Hamas supporters and the Islamic Nazis there who boldly tell us they wish to unleash an intifada across America.

If any of these enemies of civilization end up facing charges of sedition or crimes against humanity, we know we can depend on Mrs. Clooney to gallop forth from her gated community to their defense firmly mounted on her high horse, an animal she and her self-satisfied husband always keep closely tethered.