Tuesday, January 9, 2024



The above video suggests that the Metropolitan Police Force is either hopelessly incompetent or it is being deliberately hamstrung in its duty to protect the British public from terrorists and their enthusiastic supporters on orders from the Home Office.

Hamas is an internationally recognized terrorist organization and like ISIS is well known for its vicious, murderous, and unrelenting brutality as we have recently witnessed in southern Israel.

The British government should deploy the army to maintain law & order and to protect normal British citizens against physical harm from Hamas and its supporters. The SAS should be placed on high alert.

Anyone waving an Hamas flag or demonstrating in support of Hamas should be arrested. If they are naturalized British citizens their citizenship should be revoked, and they should be deported immediately. If they are in Britain on a work permit or a student visa those documents should be revoked, and they should be deported at once. If they are British citizens they should be charged with aiding a terrorist organization and be imprisoned for life without parole in a maximum-security prison. Similar measures should be taken in the United States. 

We simply cannot allow terrorist killers and terrorist sympathizers to roam around our streets creating chaos and lethally threatening public safety and the peaceful conduct of our daily lives. They must not be allowed to use the freedoms guaranteed to us by our laws and constitutions against us. No government should countenance their behavior let alone tolerate it. "Tolerance" said Thomas Mann, "becomes a crime when applied to evil", and that is what we are staring directly in the face, evil in its purest and most unadulterated form. For those who understand this no explanation is required. For those who do not understand this no explanation is possible.

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