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U.S. State Department Weighs Independent Palestinian State at End of Gaza War

What we have in the Middle East is the result of British and French imperial meddling after the guns fell silent at the end of the Great War in November 1918. The Mandate System established by the League of Nations in 1919 gave jurisdiction over colonial territories that had been detached from the defeated German and Ottoman empires. 

Hence, the United Kingdom gained administrative control over the geographical region known as Palestine which prior to 1918 had been governed by the Ottoman Empire for 400 years. This region contained what had been ancient and historical Israel. Jerusalem was its capital city a thousand years before Christ and sixteen hundred years before Mohammed. Judea and Galilee came under Roman rule about 44 BC. The Romans did not relinquish complete control until around 636 AD.  

Despite the Romans renaming their country Syria Palestina after a major Jewish revolt from 132 AD to 135 AD had been brutally suppressed and expelling most of the Jews from the region many Jews kept returning to their homeland and were eventually granted a certain amount of independence under Roman supervision. 

Since it was first built in about 4,000 BC, Jerusalem has been destroyed twice, besieged 23 times, attacked 52 times and captured and recaptured 44 times. No other nation or state has ever claimed it for its own capital city, not the Babylonians, not the Persians, not the Romans, not the Muslims. Jews inhabited it for millennia before and after the region was renamed Palestina by the Romans. Palestine was always a region it was never a country. The Arab Palestinians are not a homogeneous people indigenous to the region. They are Arabs who drifted in from parts of Arabia. 

There has never been a Palestinian state, a Palestinian King, a Palestinian coinage, a Palestinian president, a Palestinian prime minister, a separate Palestinian language or a defined geographical area over which so-called Palestinians have held de facto control recognized by other nations or states. Until Israel was reconstituted in 1948 there were Jewish Palestinians and Arab Palestinians. If Martians had lived there, they would have been called Martian Palestinians, but they would have been living in what had been ancient and historical Israel.

Never, not once, in 400 years was there ever a movement to create an independent state for Arab Palestinians. This movement was created only years after Israel was reconstituted in 1948. Now, for the Arab Palestinians to claim that they always owned the entire region called Palestine is anti-historical and a lie bigger than the size of Jupiter. It is a conscious lie that has led to untold amounts of death, destruction, tragedy, grief and sorrow and it is used to disguise the real agenda which is the destruction of Israel and the death of all Jews based on the shrill commands enshrined in Islam's title deed, the Koran itself. If you have any doubts about that just read the Hamas Charter. It is one of the most unabashed documents of hatred ever produced.

I mention all of this because it relates to the fundamental misunderstanding by most western governments of what really motivates the enemies of Israel. It is not a dispute over real estate. It is about the existence of Israel, the world's only Jewish-nation-state, and the very existence of the Jewish people across the globe. There are 22 members of the Arab League and 50 majority Muslim countries in the world. Let that sink in and then ask yourself if it is such a good idea to allow any of them, particularly Iran, to develop nuclear weapons as Biden wants to do as did Barack Obama before him.

Taking all of this into consideration along with the horrific, sub-human attack by Hamas and many Gazan civilians on Israel during October 7th. does it make any sense for David Cameron, Britain's former prime minister and current foreign secretary, to think that it is wise or just for Israelis to live side by side with people whose militant leaders and revered religious texts have been calling for their annihilation long before Israel was reconstituted in 1948? Who would want to live next to a Germany that has not been de-nazified and conducts its public life threatening its neighbors with extinction?! Israel does not need any help from Britain's quondam prime minister or Joe Biden or the E.U. or the U.N. to commit national suicide. National suicide is what every contorted combination of the so-called two-state-solution constitutes.

In the link below you will read that David Cameron criticized Israel for failing to make headway toward an end to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, saying that despite the Jewish state's rising standard of living over the past three decades, its failure to guarantee its citizens' security means that "for Israel...the last thirty years has been a failure." Mr. Cameron has deluded himself that prosperity for the Palestinians equals peace. Perhaps the British foreign secretary can tell us how to guarantee the security of Israel's citizens when despite being handed over $16 billion in international aid the P.A. and its terrorist pals have broken all of its agreements, launched two lethal intifadas, blown up pizzerias, driven cars into bus stops full of awaiting passengers, stabbed Israelis in the street, murdered Israelis by shooting them as they drive about in their cars, kidnapped and killed Israeli children and since 2001 launched tens of thousands of unprovoked rocket attacks against Israel's peaceful southern townships culminating in the sickening slaughter of October 7th. 

History proves that the Arab Palestinians are not entitled to a state no matter how loudly or how long they claim to deserve one. Their kleptocratic leaders are frauds who have stolen from them and indoctrinated them as well as their hapless children with unspeakable and lethal lies. They have impoverished their lives. Their claims against Israel are in inverse proportion to the evidence they can provide for them. 

October 7th. demonstrated that the civilized world cannot, must not, permit the evil monsters of Hamas or its collaborators to live amongst us anywhere be it in the Middle East, on our university campuses or in our cities. Israel is not just doing herself a vital service by eliminating the threat to her life, but she is also doing a vital service to western civilization as she pursues and crushes those who committed such grievous crimes against humanity and who have proudly boasted that they are not yet finished. Nevertheless, every day that passes they are learning that Israel provides a voice, a refuge, a shield and a sword for Jewish people everywhere and for those willing to take their place on the ramparts beside her.

Am Yisrael Chai!

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