Friday, February 9, 2024


In his article listed below Elliot Abrams lucidly explains why the two-state-solution is, at best, woefully misguided or, at worst, lethally dangerous to Israel's survival.

Before anything in the way of so-called solutions should be discussed we need to insist that the Arab Palestinians present a case that substantiates their claim to self-determination in a sovereign state. Decades of shouting that they want one is an insufficient reason to grant them one particularly in a land they never owned and over which they never ruled.
Let us start by asking them the reason for their unending hostility towards the Jewish people many centuries before Israel was reconstituted in 1948. Where are the political and legal documents that prove their claims? Is there any archaeological evidence? Are there any public buildings that housed their government? If so, when were they destroyed and by whom?
The international community should stop infantilizing these people by treating their claims as if they are legitimate. Rewarding them by granting them something to which they are not entitled because of constant terrorist attacks and blood-curdling threats sets a dreadful example of weakness and demonstrates a lack of moral clarity which will cost more blood and treasure. One enormous example of such weakness was when Yasser Arafat, the self-appointed leader of the P.L.O. and a man with a penchant for European rent-boys, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 for agreeing to stop something which he should never have started in the first place.
Apart from the fact that the Arab Palestinians have no case and their claims to self-determination in a land that never belonged to them are fraudulent, the two-state-solution is exposed as being completely unviable the minute its proponents start talking about that state being demilitarized with no standing army!
If the intentions of the Arab Palestinians are benign why deny them an army? Is this denial supposed to make the Israelis feel more secure? Of what do they have to be fearful? Now, if you don’t know the answer to that then you have used the last 76 years as an opportunity catch up on some sleep and obviously know nothing about the genocidal attack of October 7th.
It is obscene to suggest that Israelis should live next to these monsters, even under different leadership, and in the land where King David ruled over 3,000 years ago.
The vaunted two-state-solution is no solution at all. The Arab Palestinians do not want a state of their own. What they want is the means to destroy the Jewish state. Having a state of their own adjacent to Israel is the easiest and surest way for them to accomplish that goal with the continued help of their Iranian masters.
Islamic supremacists know exactly what they want and they are prepared to empty the future for any nation or group that stands in their way which is why the Iran Nuclear Deal concocted by Barack Obama and currently being resurrected by Joe Biden is the very worst policy idea the Democrats have yet conceived. It assures Iran will be a nuclear power within about 5 years or less. How will the possession of apocalyptic weapons curtail the atrociously bad behavior of the Iranian ayatollahs?!! Surely nobody expects their behavior would improve.
I fear that any two-state-solution especially with the ayatollahs still in control of Iran will devolve into a one-state-solution and eventually the Final Solution giving Adolf Hitler a posthumous victory in his eternal quest of annihilating the Jewish people.

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