Sunday, November 19, 2023


Here is the letter I sent to the L.A. Times in response to its editorial a few days ago calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Dear Sirs,

In war, the status of the attacker and the attacked is not interchangeable. The war in Gaza is against pure evil. This is an absolute statement that admits to no moral relativism and cannot be applied on a sliding scale.

The Gazans, particularly the ones who participated in the genocide on Oct. 7th. and later gleefully celebrated their butchery in the streets of Gaza by passing out candy and videotaping it all for posterity, must suffer the inevitable consequences for their horrific crimes against humanity.

There should be no ceasefire unless ALL the hostages are released and Hamas surrenders unconditionally.

By the way, what number of casualties would you consider acceptable to people who have been trying to annihilate one's country and worldwide Jewry long before Israel was reconstituted in 1948?  

Hamas cannot be allowed to exist amongst us. Its army of trained terrorist killers and all of its leaders, wherever they may be hiding or enjoying refuge, must be wiped out. Let that be realized. Without their total defeat none of us anywhere are safe including the 96 hapless and more peaceful Gazans who would like nothing more than to see the end of Hamas in all its gruesome forms.

Unconditional surrender by Hamas will permanently stop the bloodshed not a ceasefire. Wars are not won by ceasefires.

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