Friday, November 24, 2023


It is inconceivable to me that terrorist killers could get any support anywhere in the world let alone in Australia with its British heritage and valiant service in two world wars.

This is sickening and I feel nothing but revulsion to the depth of my soul. That same revulsion only increases as I watch the large, loud and sometimes violent demonstrations in support of Hamas across Europe and in America. 

People who support genocide cannot be allowed to live among us. It is time for arrests, long terms of imprisonment and deportations after time served. Executions for murder should not be ruled out.

While you’re thinking about that consider the question asked by Caroline Glick ( of the Game Theory Nobel Laureate, Professor Aumann in Israel. What, she inquired, are we to do with the civilian population in Gaza who spat upon Jewish women who had just been brutally raped and were being paraded through the streets of Gaza? 

The head of one of these young women was later found in Gaza. Others had been raped so often and so brutally that their pelvic bones were completely crushed. 

Israel should not be conducting a ceasefire or sending humanitarian aid to these civilians who celebrated such horrific and bestial cruelty. They are fortunate that the IDF has a sterling record of minimizing civilian casualties with which no modern army can compete. If this were not the case the war would have ended on October 8th.


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