Wednesday, November 15, 2023


In his letter of October 31st. to the morally deficient U.C. Ethnic Studies Faculty Council Jay Sures, Regent of the University of California states that he and everyone else wants security, dignity and prosperity for "both peoples" in Israel, Gaza and Judea & Samaria. Therein lies the rub. 

The Arab Palestinians are no more a homogenous people indigenous to the region than the equator is a country. The Arab Palestinians living in Israel enjoy security, dignity and prosperity as citizens of Israel. It is only in Gaza, the Jew-free region they always wanted, where those conditions do not exist and that is entirely due to the determined oppressors of Hamas for whom they voted to govern their affairs in 2006/07. 

 If the kleptocratic leaders of Hamas had not stolen billions of dollars of international aid for themselves and spent the rest building 300 miles of sophisticated tunnels, buying rockets and war materiel the whole place would look like Beverly Hills. Almost everyone would have a degree in something besides suicide vest construction and it would not have been necessary for Israel to allow 20,000 Gazans into Israel every day so they could earn a living wage. 

No good deed goes unpunished, so it seems, as many of these people were collecting intelligence for their terrorist masters to be used in the attack on October 7th. Doubtless many of them were in the wave of Gazan civilians who butchered Israelis after the initial attack by Hamas killers and were later filmed celebrating their butchery in the streets of Gaza and passing out candy. Now they want us to supply them with humanitarian aid. 

Regent Sures correctly points out the moral turpitude and conceptually adrift request of the U.C. Ethnic Studies Faculty Council which requested Regent Sures's office to retract its alleged "charges of terrorism and to uplift the Palestinian freedom struggle and to stand against Israel's war-crimes against the ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Palestinian people." 

Apparently, they have convinced themselves that a grotesquely brutal and merciless genocidal attack against the civilians of a member of the United Nations by an internationally recognized terror group is merely a form of resistance but when Israel retaliates it's a war-crime. Their request was made in a spirit of complete detachment from the facts by people who are unable or, worse still, obdurately unwilling to distinguish between the fire and the fire brigade. They are unfit to be anywhere near a temple of higher learning. Every last one of them should be dismissed. Perhaps the Hamas propaganda office is seeking recruits. Pending their applications here's a fact for them to ponder: If you don't want the consequences of a war with Israel don't start one.

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