Thursday, February 11, 2021

U.K. School Cancels Winston Churchill & J.K. Rowling

 The article below illustrates in sharp and alarming  terms the massive confidence trick with all of its concomitant duplicities being committed against us by the ingratiating but totalitarian and fascist Left.

Clearly, a commitment to woke Identity Politics dulls its sense of contradiction. 

If it were not for Winston Churchill the hapless students at Seaford Head High School in East Sussex would be looking at a flag flying overhead with the swastika emblazoned on it as they goose-stepped their way into the classroom where their teacher, adorned with a Nazi armband, would be giving them lessons on the superiority of the Ayran race and how Attila the Hun was merely expressing his cultural norms. Criticism of Adolf Hitler would be a criminal offense and if they were discovered defacing or tearing down one of his many statues that were scattered about the country by then, they would be introduced to the Gestapo and never be seen or heard from again or, if they were really lucky, they would be carted off to a re-education camp of the sort the Democrats and the Left have in mind for everyone who voted for Donald Trump.

Andrew Roberts, whose illuminating biography of WSC I have read, has it right on this issue as does J.K. Rowling in her contretemps with wokeism with regard to the transsexual community and her assertion that if one is in possession of two X chromosomes one is actually a woman regardless of how one wishes to disport oneself. Imagine that!

I'll leave the last word on this vexed matter to Pete North, the British writer. I think his incisive observations apply to us in America just as much as they do to the British people:

" A country that no longer believes in its founding values and has no sense of self-worth will cave into virtually any passing political fad. If the nation is attacked politically or militarily, you then have a public that will stand aside and allow it.

This is the oldest trick in the book. The Soviets knew it, the modern left knows it too. The communists played on the imperialism schtick then and now, while the modern left has long sought to associate nationalism of any kind with fascism and racism.

Anti-racism, then, is a veneer for leftists who oppose the very idea of the nation state."

North is rightly scathing about the Establishment’s complete failure to address the growing problem of this enemy within.

"Successive centrist administrations have failed to stand up to an increasingly feral activist media and a worryingly censorious academic establishment. Safe spaces, trigger warnings, de-platforming etc is nothing to do with progressive values and everything to do with delegitimising even moderate voices of disagreement. That’s the truly terrifying authoritarianism in the West. It goes against the fundamental values it was built on… freedom of speech and association, and equality under the law.

Everything in the progressive agenda is aimed at dismantling nationhood, hence the creation of strains of victimhood according to gender and ethnicity."

Nor — again correctly — does North have much time for the gullible white middle-class children willingly conspiring in their civilization's destruction.

"The useful idiot white liberal youth who see themselves as righteous crusaders for the downtrodden minorities are doing the dirty work of communist agitators in what has become the largest global brainwashing operation of the 21st century.

Once you’ve grasped these points, the true significance of those hard-left activists’ assault on those statues becomes clear. By destroying — or trying to destroy — those statues, what they are really trying to destroy is Britain’s sense of history and, by extension, its cohesive national identity......"


U.K. School Cancels Winston Churchill, J.K. Rowling for ‘Intolerance’

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