Saturday, June 1, 2024


This article by Michael Makovsky alarmingly suggests that Israel has been outmaneuvered by Iran when Iran armed Hezbollah to the teeth and used that huge cache of weaponry to deter Israel from attacking Iran and making any conflict with Hezbollah much more destructive and painful. Israel will always be on the defensive until there is a change of government in Iran most of whose population are yearning for exactly that.

Even if the Arab Palestinians were removed from Judea, Samaria and Gaza the threats from Hezbollah, the Hamas diaspora and Syria would still exist and then there is the wider threat from Islam and the irrational, fanatical Jew-hatred that has been inculcated over centuries poisoning the minds of its stupefied votaries. 

It is not comforting to realize that none of us are exempt from the ferocious hatreds of Islam. A thoroughly disgusting example of these hatreds is contained in the Hamas Charter and has just been demonstrated on college campuses across America and Europe as the filthy supporters of Hamas and Arab Palestinians, increasingly a distinction without a difference, have loudly and aggressively proclaimed their emotional incontinence along with their desire for revolution and jihad against the West.

Israel, a long-embattled outpost of western values, is fighting not only for her own survival but also for the survival of western civilization.

We have a moral imperative to help Israel resist and overcome the barbarian onslaught before that onslaught is turned on us. Note to the Biden/Obama administration: this is best done when not in a prostrate position.

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