Sunday, June 9, 2024


The most damning sentence from the article below describing Mrs. Clooney's anxious participation in the ICC ruling against Israel's leader is the following: "Likening Prime Minister Netanyahu to Hamas’s Yehya Sinwar is like indicting Churchill and Roosevelt alongside Göring and Ribbentrop at Nuremberg."

The looney Clooneys are morally confused on this one. The Sunni Muslim tribalism of her mother must have helped Amal to cast her British legal training aside, a training where evidence, impartiality and impregnable logic are inculcated because they are essential elements in reaching a just verdict.

Biased activism in support of the most wicked and cruel murdering Islamic terrorists and upholding standards of justice are not the same thing. It’s best not to get the two confused. Perhaps the mandarins of the Inner Temple at London's Inns of Court could provide her with some much-needed guidance on this matter.

As for her outraged husband, if the protesting and self-important George withdraws from Biden’s fundraiser in Hollywood then other and far more wealthy but just as conceptually adrift panjandrums of the Hollywood elite will eagerly take his and Amal’s place though I doubt either of them will want to miss the opportunity to frisk around with His Fraudulency, Barack Obama, Tinsel Town’s most exalted anti-American whose star, quite naturally, is also made of tinsel.


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