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 You will notice in the article printed below that California, a state where there was never any slavery, may soon be obliged to pay $360,000.00 by way of reparations for slavery and its concomitant results to every one of its black citizens if Shirley Weber, California's Secretary of State and our conceptually adrift governor have their way. 

In one of the most bizarre statements ever made by one of our public officials, while taking a holiday from history, Ms.Weber notes, "If California can admit its sins and change its narrative, then there is a way forward for states and cities across the nation."
Sins! Narrative! What on earth is the woman talking about?!! Clearly, she is not on a crusade to right an evil wrong but prefers to stoke the divisiveness of identity politics by pandering to black voters, a constituency without which the Democrats would be doomed to electoral defeat.
No mention is made of the trillions of dollars spent since the passing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act in a good faith effort to create a level playing field for all Americans regardless of race. Surely these dollars weigh heavily on the credit side in the Ledger of Reparations. 
The staggering amounts of money we have spent creating that playing field and what has been done with it are two different things. We have a national tragedy on our hands. The black community suffers from a 75% illegitimacy rate, 7,000 blacks are murdered by blacks every year and over 300,000 black babies are aborted annually. Somehow I doubt if gifting every black Californian $360,000.00 is going to solve any of those problems.
From the Public Policy Institute of California comes this: "No race or ethnic group constitutes a majority of California’s population: 39% of Californians are Latino, 35% are white, 15% are Asian American or Pacific Islander, 5% are Black, 4% are multiracial, and fewer than 1% are Native American or Alaska Natives, according to the 2020 Census" and according to the 2021 American Community Survey, 27% of Californians are foreign-born
So, one must ask, who is going to pay the $360,000.00, who is going to receive the $360,000.00 and how will that be determined? Will the descendants of the several hundred thousand Union soldiers who were killed fighting to free the slaves receive anything? Must I pay? My grandparents came through Ellis Island in 1906 and I arrived in California in1984. Will Oprah and LeBron James each receive a check for $360,000.00?
The whole thing is not only preposterous but also a disgusting example of hyper-aggressive, racially hostile, affirmative action. There must be a cheaper way for Democrats to buy votes if they can't keep stealing them.
Book that moving van now!

State task force boosts reparations figure to $360K for each black Californian

New York Post
New York Post

A reparations task force in California has increased the amount of money it wants taxpayers to hand out in compensation for racial discrimination and enslavement. 

After first proposing $220,000 payments last year, The California Reparations Task Force proposed at a meeting Friday that every black citizen in the state be given a $360,000 check. 

The project could cost as much as $640 billion — but there was no word on how it would be funded in the cash-strapped state. 

“If California can admit its sins and change the narrative, then there is a way forward for states and cities across the nation,” California Secretary of State Shirley Weber — who authored the bill creating the task force — said. 


The task force met Friday for the first session of its two-day deliberations over how much reparations each black citizen who descended from an enslaved ancestor in the US is entitled to and how those reparations will be distributed. 

The payments could be made directly to those qualified or in the form of investments in education, health care and homeownership for black communities. 

The group reached the proposed $640 billion fund total by using a model that evaluated the state’s racial wealth gap by calculating damages related to specific injustices such as housing discrimination, mass incarceration and health harms. 

A history of housing discrimination against black Californians makes up a significant portion of the compensation the panel recommends. Several black communities were bought out or seized through eminent domain to be bulldozed for infrastructure projects, according to the panel’s findings.

There are roughly 1.8 million African-Americans living in the Golden State.


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