Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Letter to a Leftist Friend in American Thinker:

 Below is a letter from a conservative to his leftist friend. 

To me, the operative sentence is:
'As former NPR correspondent Democrat Chris Hedges recently put it: "We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals and bankers destroy the economy." '

In order to create their Utopian society the Left believes it must destroy everything and establish a new reality with itself firmly in charge. That new reality includes extraordinary claims such as transgender men are real women, the color of a person's skin is what defines every one ( Identity Politics), racism has been the organizing principle of Western societies for a thousand years influencing and distorting everything from philosophy to literature to music to architecture to mathematics to war and peace. However, we know that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. The Left does not have any such evidence. Indeed, its claims are in inverse proportion to the evidence it can produce for them.

What the Left really has is an hydraulic grip on an hypothesis. Scientists have a phrase they use to describe an hypothesis that is so worthless it cannot even be used as a means for learning from one's mistakes. That phrase is, "Not Even Wrong." This is the category into which all of the Left's preposterous claims fall. Yet the Left persists.

The claims listed above are merely part of the Left's opening gambit. It knows that if it can get us to believe those claims it can get us to believe anything and that is when, like Alice In Wonderland, we will have passed through the looking glass where UP is DOWN and everything is being run by the Mad Hatter. We are not there yet. We have 222 Republican congressmen and 49 Republican senators representing over 72 million Americans who oppose the Left's ( read, Democrats' ) determined and destructive agenda.

The Left is confined to an ideological straight-jacket from which it is impossible to extricate itself. The poster child for this straight-jacket is another one of Biden's "diversity hires" supreme court justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson. During her confirmation hearing she was asked if she could define a woman. She replied that she could not because she was not a biologist. If she had been asked if she could define an automobile, would she have said she was unable to do so by claiming that she was not an engineer? For the Left ideological purity always supersedes the dictates of common sense.

Oscar Wilde once observed that an atlas which did not show Utopia would not be worth consulting. This was at a time when sodomy was a crime. Sodomy is no longer illegal. This has allowed the Left to sodomize America for decades with abandon but without lubricant. This is why I have no leftist friends!

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