This policy allows everyone to have a seat at the table,” Nye said. “It’s not taking away from anyone, it’s just allowing everyone from the community to just have a voice.”

Really? This policy is unhinged. It has been concocted by a conceptually adrift management who wish to ingratiate themselves with those peddling bizarre, unproductive and atrociously woke anti-social behavior. It insults and discomforts the many for the highly dubious comfort of the very few. What’s next, in-flight drag-queen shows for seven-year old's, videos about the joys of anal sex or how golden showers can improve one’s skin tone?!! 

 Doubtless the management of Virgin Airways, if one can call it that, would like to impose the same policy on the British army and see how enthusiastically it would be adopted by the Coldstream Guards, the Black Watch, the Ghurkas or the SAS. Indeed, had this policy been in existence during WWII the British people would now be speaking German. Men prancing about in women’s clothing in public and badgering the rest of us to accept the unacceptable would be in a concentration camp.

 Now, there’s a lot to be said for free sexual expression but most of it should be confined to one’s own home. There is, of course, a lot more to be said for decent norms of behavior in public, something Richard Branson would be better off encouraging instead of foisting the suspect sartorial preferences of a noisy minority on his hapless passengers. Besides, Halloween is in October.