Friday, July 1, 2022


This entire tawdry episode described in the link below is unseemly to say the least because the donations totaling 3 million Euros were made in cash.

It casts the suspicion that the money was ill-gotten by the donor, Sheik HBJ, a former prime minister of Qatar a double-dealing ally of the west that harbors international Islamic terrorist leaders and operatives.

Fortunately, there is not the slightest question that Prince Charles, one of the richest men in the world, was trying to enrich himself and all the money was recorded and deposited in the PWCF account.

I must agree with Sir Alistair Graham’s judgement on the matter as expressed in the article.

The optics are dreadful and lead to questions about the judgment of the heir to throne.

This will not be the first time such questions have been asked.

During the 1970s Prince Charles became involved with the now publicly disgraced Jimmy Savile, a highly popular, cocky, prancing, self-promoting disc-jockey and entertainer, who was involved in raising money for some charity which the prince supported.

As the years unfolded this relationship grew and strengthened to the point where, against all prudence let alone reason, Savile became an unofficial counselor to Prince Charles during his divorce and he often asked Savile’s advice about how to make the monarchy more popular with the British people. Savile dined at St.James’s Palace and the prince was a guest at Savile’s home in Scotland. All of this boosted Savile’s ego to a degree that is unimaginable and sickening.

When Savile died in October 2011 Prince Charles gave him a laudatory eulogy. Then the bomb dropped.

Within a year allegations of pedophilia against Savile going back 50 years started to surface and a full blown government inquiry was underway. The result was that Savile was stripped of his knighthood, honors, awards and condemned to ignominy of the sort from which there is no redemption.

Prince Charles was left with egg not so much on his face but covered in a mountain of it from head to toe. He had lots of distinguished company.

With the 3 million Euro cash donation to the PWCF, Prince Charles stands singularly alone.

Anxious to fund the worthy efforts of his prominent charity he has allowed himself to be embarrassed by an Arabian ingrate with real connections to Islamic terrorists who would just as soon place minarets on Buckingham Palace and stick the prince’s head on a pike outside its gates.

I don’t know what most people would call Prince Charles for accepting such a large donation in cash, but the word “putz” comes somewhat readily to mind.

For God's sake, God Save The Queen!

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