Thursday, December 16, 2021


Ilhan Omar is on a romp of fantasy. It is not Islamophobia from which many people are suffering but Islamonausea and bills like the one she just concocted are part of the reason.

 In November of 2020, the FBI published its 2019 Hate Crime Statistics Report which showed that the largest number of hate crimes were committed against Jews with 953 anti-Semitic incidents an increase of 14% since 2018. Anti-Muslim incidents stood at 176, a decrease from 273 in 2017.  So, the question is why do we need a bill to combat so-called Islamophobia when there are more than 5 times as many anti-Semitic incidents as anti-Muslim ones? 

Between 1979 and 2019 at least 33,769 Islamist terrorist attacks took place around the globe which caused the death of 167,096 people. Islamophobia is defined as an irrational fear of Islam but based on the evidence it appears that hostility towards Islam is just common sense.

On a slow day, when our House of Representatives wakes up to the reality that Islam is a supremacist ideology that seeks our ruin, it would be far better employed by introducing a bill banning Islam's ferocious hatreds which include but are not limited to the cruel subjugation of women, the gleeful execution of homosexuals and the vicious persecution of non-Muslim minorities. Don't you think?

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