Friday, February 22, 2019

Senators Kamala Harris & Elizabeth Warren Support Reparations

My working class grandparents arrived in NYC from Austria in 1906. What did they have to do with slavery and why should I now have to pay reparations for it to people who were never slaves?

Furthermore, there isn’t one black American living today whose grandparents were slaves. In the meantime, for the last 55 years we have spent countless trillions of dollars trying to create a level playing field with everything from busing to affirmative action schemes. All of these efforts could be considered as a strenuous, good faith and honest attempt at trying to right a vicious wrong.

If these pandering left-wing politicians want to institute something beneficial for the black community, whose votes they anxiously seek and to which they feel entitled, then they should take action to diminish the corrosive influence of violence, misogyny, disrespect and ignorance inculcated by the hideously pervasive (c)rap music culture which enhances our society not one iota but vastly increases the wealth of those involved in its creation and distribution in much the same way as the manufacture and sale of narcotics increases the wealth of drug lords.

If Kamala Harris, whose father was Jamaican and whose mother was from India, wishes to exploit grievances that do not really belong to her then she ought to start advocating for the American Indian whose current circumstances are the best argument that exists for strict border control.

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