Below is information from NASA"s Global Climate Change website.

There is a lot of talk about “consensus” among scientists but the existence of so-called global warming is not something on which we can take a vote. 

So far, I have not seen anything in the way of empirical evidence that convinces me that we are swiftly advancing towards a global catastrophe. I remain highly skeptical and so do millions of my fellow Americans mainly because nothing in the way of impending doom is evident in the course of their daily lives.

Even if this alleged scientific consensus proved to be correct its proponents still have all of their work in front of them. Thus far their solutions, including an enormous transfer of wealth from the world’s industrialized nations to its poorer ones, would take us back to the 18th. Century and a 3 mph world.

This makes many of us suspicious that a dire prediction of catastrophic climate change is a way to significantly reduce our national sovereignty only to serve the international Left’s headlong pursuit of its holy grail of global governance.

Quickly and drastically changing the way we live based on atmospheric inexactitudes does not commend itself to me particularly when I get the sense that I am being manipulated for a purpose other than the one stated. 

Inducing panic often provides the results one wants which is why the Left always subscribes to Emerson’s observation that when skating on thin ice our safety is in our speed. In other words act rapidly so as never to let a crisis, especially a concocted one, go to waste.
NASA's climate change website: