Friday, January 18, 2019

The Face of the Terrorist Caucus of The Democratic Party:

Please take a moment to click on the link below and read the letter to the fossilized Nancy Pelosi from Mort Klein, the national president of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), about Speaker Pelosi's appointment of the newly elected anti-Semitic Representive Ilhan Omar to the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

His letter is one of truth and force.

You will recall that most of last year I was sending out links to the statements and actions of Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria O'Communist-Cortez. 

These three harpys are toxic in a way we have not seen in our body politic before. So confident are Omar and Tlaib about their anti-Semitic and Israel-bashing positions that they don't even bother to hide them from anyone. This would not be the case if they had not been encouraged to believe that these positions are more than acceptable within the Democratic Party and, indeed, the left-wing liberals in our country. It is glaringly obvious that the untutored AOC has simply not done her due diligence with regard to our foreign policy in the Middle East but seems content to take her cues from the other two Jew-haters.

The verminous Barack Obama is the Pied Piper of this dangerous movement. He gave voice and support to it long before he scrambled into the imperial box. If it has not been destroyed there is a video of him, hidden from public scrutiny in a vault at the L.A.Times at the going away dinner held in Chicago in 2003 for Rashid Khalidi, the terrorist enabler, before Khalidi left for Columbia, in which Obama lavished praise on Khalidi and made some derogatory remarks about American policy with regard to Israel. Once Obama assumed the presidency it was downhill from there in his abstention from the U.N. vote in December of 2016 condemning Israeli settlements. This was his gift to the 73% + of Jewish voters who had enthusiastically cast their ballot for him....twice. 

At one point in his presidency LBJ appointed a strong opponent of his to an important position in his administration. Bewildered, his chief of staff expressed astonishment and asked why he had done this. 'Well", replied LBJ, "I'd rather have him on the inside of the tent pissing out than on the outside of the tent pissing in!" Speaker Pelosi's appointment of Ilham Omar to the House Foreign Affairs Committee is not so much a reflection of LBJ's cunning but more of a casual acceptance of the anti-Semitism which now infects, corrodes, diminishes and condemns the Democratic Party.

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