Friday, January 4, 2019

America's Fifth Column

Yesterday, Rashida Harbi Tlaib was sworn in as a congress-woman from Michigan with her right hand on the Quran and dressed in full Arab Palestinian garb. 

At her core Ms. Tlaib is an America-hater who should be nowhere near any levers of power and that goes for her pals Keith Ellison, now the AG elect for Minnesota, and Ilhan Omar from Minnesota who was also sworn in yesterday sporting an hijab.

All of these disgusting Islamic supremacists either praise, support or have collaborated with the vile anti-white, anti-American and vicious racist, Louis Farrakhan.

If one knew nothing else about any of these people this should be enough to disqualify them from any place in the American public square let alone our body politic but the Democrats who have been sprinting to the left embrace them because they represent their half-baked gruesome idea of diversity.

This is how a free democratic republic has its own standards and values used against it​ until the fifth column has enough members and power to sucker-punch its host country which is when those who pursued and imposed the holy grail of diversity on their country realize they would have been far better off pursuing decency instead assuming, of course, they are not among the first to have had their throats cut in the meantime.


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