Friday, June 23, 2017

Megyn Kelly - Hype over Substance

 Megyn Kelley is a viper and an ungrateful one at that. Prior to her departure from FOX her show had deteriorated into a vehicle for shameless self-promotion punctuated with irrelevancies about her grandmother and the publication of her husband's new novel. 
I stopped taking her seriously as a journalist or as an opinion broadcaster long before her hit piece on candidate Donald Trump. This was deliberately designed to increase her profile by appearing to champion women who she sought to portray as victims of Trumpian sexism and even misogyny. 

She thought she was exposing Trump as a fraud but she really exposed her own vaulting ambition fueled by her ratings which were really propelled by the advantageous time slot immediately after Bill O'Reilly's "No Spin Zone" rather than her own talent or expertise. This time slot was generously allocated to her by Roger Alies the man she turned on with allegations of sexual harassment which she says took place some 10 years earlier. Some people can't resist a passing band-wagon particularly if it can take them to Victim Street, an expanding thoroughfare, which conveniently intersects with Sanctimony Boulevard.

It is one of life's oddities that the higher the price we pay for something the less we sometimes tend to question its authenticity. NBC has found this out the hard way. If I never see Megyn Kelly again it will be too soon unless, of course, it's between the covers of PLAYBOY!

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  1. Paul Schnee's commentaries are consistently brilliant. He should write more of them for widespread publication, but unfortunately these United States continue to sink deeper into the abyss of liberal insanity, where genius is disruptive. May God bless you and increase your territory, Paul, my Friend.


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