Tuesday, May 7, 2024


 The Biden Administration has just shown itself to be a deviously dishonest broker in this vital matter. This is much more than diplomatic malpractice; it is actual treachery. It mocks and betrays our most faithful and intrepid ally in the entire Middle East.

Yesterday, Israel was deliberately blind-sided by the Biden Administration. It is now clear that it wants peace with Hamas at any price and is willing to put Israel in mortal peril, let alone ourselves and our allies, so that Hamas can survive, prosper and continue to torture mankind. 

This is an effort that has been greatly enhanced by Biden who has provided hundreds of millions of dollars by way of sanctions relief to the bloodthirsty ayatollahs in Tehran who then use those dollars to finance and export terror and Islamic supremacism throughout the world. Thus, unbelievably we are financing our own destruction and cooperating in the defeat of western civilization of which Israel has long been an embattled salient. 

Hamas must be defeated, its fighters killed, its leaders captured, tried, imprisoned or executed and its collaborators across the globe hunted down until they too cease to exist. This should be obvious even to the slowest of minds if not to the Biden/Obama axis of contemptable totalitarians masquerading as the saviors of democracy and champions of human rights.


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