Friday, October 27, 2023


 Instead of using his moral authority to condemn the horrific butchery of Israeli civilians by the internationally recognized terrorist organization Hamas, Antonio Guterres goose-stepped to his podium and sickeningly expressed a moral equivalency between the attacker and the attacked thereby rendering him unfit to serve one minute longer as the U.N.’s secretary-general.

Instead of declaring to the world that the Islamic killers of Hamas cannot be allowed to live amongst us he made excuses for the inexcusable.
Instead of stating unequivocally that what happened on October 7th. was wrong he equivocated between good and evil. 

It is not for nothing that in his “Inferno” Dante reserved the most scorching regions of Hell for those who faced with a moral dilemma tried to remain neutral.
It has been said that one of the best ways to test someone’s character is to give him some power and watch how he uses it. On Tuesday, Antonio Guterres failed that test so spectacularly by placing himself firmly on the side of pure evil. He should be pole-axed at once.


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