Sunday, April 17, 2022


It is clear that the Vicar of Christ is an Argentine socialist of the most ingratiating kind who panders to Islam, a racist ideology whose votaries would gleefully cut his throat and stick his head on a spike for display in St. Peter’s Square and from what he says in his interview with Ms. Bianchetti shown below it seems Pope Francis has forgotten the words to, “Onward Christian Soldiers” if he ever bothered to learn them in the first place.
Instead of pondering the Beatitudes it sounds as if His Holiness has been studying Critical Race Theory where we are told that only people of color are righteous and deserving of life's bounties.
We were advised by Jesus that “The meek shall inherit the earth”, but interpreted by Patrisse Cullors, the lesbian Marxist co-founder of Black Lives Matter, this means the adherents of CRT can steal what they like and buy a six-million-dollar mansion in Los Angeles. Hallelujah Bro!
Citing St. Matthew , Chapter 2, Verse 13 where Jesus, Mary & Joseph flee into Egypt to escape King Herod’s murderous intentions, the Pope seeks to portray Jesus as a refugee and thus persuade western democracies to embrace destructive and unsustainable levels of immigration so we can all feel good about ourselves while committing cultural suicide.
There is a flaw here. You may have spotted it. St. Luke in Chapter 2 , Verse 39 has the holy family returning to Nazareth not fleeing into Egypt as confidently pronounced by St. Matthew. One of them got it wrong which is surprising since they were supposed to be guided and inspired by the Holy Ghost who, one would have thought, would have inspired them to get their stories straight.
Ah, but God moves in mysterious ways his wonders to perform; it’s a pity he can’t do the same with regard to Pope Francis when it comes to immigration policy.
If the Almighty hasn’t lost all confidence in Pope Francis by now perhaps he could dispatch the Holy Ghost to visit Pope Francis and tell him that strict immigration policies and border control are the two things standing between him and the cultural chaos and surrender his alarming conceptually adrift remarks encourage.


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