Wednesday, February 9, 2022


It is remarkable just how far CNN has fallen in 25 years. It is entirely due to forsaking objective broadcast journalism and becoming a mere propaganda arm of the Left. Biased activism in pursuit of the left-wing agenda has doomed CNN to irrelevance if not bankruptcy.

In a hazardous confusion of function CNN did everything possible to assure the defeat of Donald Trump. Unwittingly it conspired against itself. With Trump gone nobody tuned in anymore. Ninety percent of its audience has vanished. For the Left ideological purity always supersedes the requirements of common sense and thus Jeff Zucker became like the admiral whose navy was sunk by torpedoes of his own design. 


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  1. From Jeffrey Toobin to Chris Cuomo to Don Lemon, to Brian Stelter, Jeff Zucker, and the list goes on. One by one they fall, and those still standing are caricatures of themselves, a clown show.


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