Monday, January 9, 2017

The Tin-Ear of Hollywood Elitism

Over the years I have watched and enjoyed many of Meryl Streep's brilliant performances but her appearance at the Golden Globe Awards last night was not one of them. Speaking on behalf of the gated-community and mounting her high-horse, an animal the liberal glitterati always keeps closely tethered, she displayed an inordinate amount of emotional incontinence while deliberately misrepresenting President-Elect Trump's attitude towards Hollywood, foreigners and the press. In so doing she also misrepresented the attitudes of the tens of millions of people who voted for Donald Trump.

So, let me clear this up for Ms. Streep who seems to be as tin-eared and as conceptually adrift about why the Democrats lost the election as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the DNC.

The real reason Hillary Clinton lost the election was due to the transformation of the Democratic Party from a party of the American center to a party of the hardcore left. This process began when the Democrats started to adopt the New Left's anti-individualist, anti-capitalist and anti-American dogma in the mid 1970s attaining critical mass when HRC brought a cohort of leftists to power during her faithless husband's presidency and was completed with the election of Barack Obama, a politician born, bred and trained in the progressive movement.

Slightly over 200 counties which had voted for Barack Obama twice before voted for Donald Trump this time. This has nothing to do with gender, sexism, white supremacy, fake news or the Russian intelligence service hacking the computers of the DNC. Rather, depressed by the barren harvest of Obama's promises and by the increased awareness that the daily reality of their lives bore no resemblance to the soothing assurances of the Democrats and Hillary Clinton, these voters abandoned ship.

Also, the Democrats lost because a large number of Americans were tired of the obvious east coast/west coast elitism; they lost because people were tired of being called anti-immigrant if they wanted to deport illegal aliens especially criminal ones; they lost because of the divisive identity politics of the LEFT; they lost because people who disagreed with Obama's policies were tired of being called racists; they lost because Americans were tired of being called ignorant if they used the wrong pronoun when referring to Caitlin Jenner; they lost because we were tired of being treated to the historical revisions of Barack Obama when he kept insisting what a vital role Islam has played in the prosperous development of the United States; they lost because these voters were tired of being manipulated instead of courted and most of all they lost because of the tyranny of political correctness which has suffocated our economic potential, blighted race relations with entirely false narratives and endangered our national security to a perilous degree to which our history affords no parallel.

Instead of savoring the moment of receiving the well-deserved Lifetime Achievement Award and using it to encourage her peers to finesse their craft Meryl Streep wasted this opportunity and instead made a sanctimonious speech uncontaminated by facts which not only insulted President-Elect Trump but also the millions of Americans who voted for him. She demonstrated that she has an hydraulic grip on the fantasies of the LEFT which, since the election, has been behaving like hothouse plants unused to real weather. No rhetorical conceit on the part of Ms. Streep will alter the results of the 2016 election.

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