Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Too White, Too Black, Too Anxious or Too Greedy?

One of the more curious aspects of the entire Oscar controversy I discovered is the ability of members of the Academy to vote for their choice without actually being required to watch the movie or performance in question. However, it occurred to me that this is consistent with their habit of voting for left-wing politicians to whom they have not listened and whose policies they do not really understand.  In the first case it diminishes the value of being awarded an Oscar in much the same way as a verdict would be discredited if no evidence had been heard and in the second it assures being governed by inferior people. It's almost like placing one's bet before looking at the cards a tendency which, if left unchecked, would result in some dreadful mistakes and sometimes ruin.

It appears that the likes of Will Smith and Spike Lee hoard grievances which are not really theirs. These alleged grievances have certainly not prevented them from living in mansions enjoying the extravagant lifestyles of oriental potentates. 

Most of the Academy are left-wing liberals or extreme left-wing liberals. If anyone believes that they are suddenly transformed into racists during the nominating process they must also believe that there is such a thing as a chaste prostitute.

With the exceptions of Paris Hilton and the Kardashians it takes real talent to sustain a career as an entertainer. The professionals know that sometimes a performance, a screen-play, a script or a song is just not up to par and as much as they anxiously desire an award from their peers they simply do not deserve one. This has nothing to do with race and even less to do with diversity but it does have to do with people whose sails are so raised as to be ballooned by any wind of nonsense that blows by.

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