Saturday, August 29, 2015

340 Useful Idiots

Some men are born to commit shameful acts. All of the rabbis who signed the letter to Congress just over a week ago supporting the Iran nuclear deal fall into this disgraceful category. Most of them have a long history of collaborating with anti-Americans, Jew-haters and the enemies of Israel. They are moral pariahs. Not one of them is fit to be called a Jew. Indeed, if excommunication existed in Judaism these traitors would long ago have richly deserved such an ignominious fate and been declared anathema.
 The acrid smell coming from their direction is the stench of their self-hatred which cannot abide the transformation of the Jewish people from the perfection of powerlessness into power. These ingratiating cultural vandals live safely sheltered from the destructive policies they espouse and, like the unlamented Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, have managed to prosper keeping their feet firmly planted on the liberal ladder of preferment. Their regular betrayals have made them permanent members of the “terrorist caucus” of the treacherous LEFT whose vocal champion, unbelievably, is the president of the United States.
 Bad faith, worse judgment, disloyalty, purblind partisanship and a calcified cynicism have allowed these ordained Pinocchios to support a tragically suicidal agreement and cast aside the vital national security interests of the United States while placing Israel directly in the crosshairs of Islamic supremacist ayatollahs with an apocalyptic vision.
You cannot enhance the prospects of peace by enhancing the prospects of a country like Iran whose messianic ayatollahs are ideologically dedicated to terror and war. This should be obvious even to the slowest of minds but in a collective psyche choked with neuroses “obviousness” becomes one of the first casualties hence the spirit of idiotic bliss with which the rabbis wrote and signed their perfidious letter. They will regret this but once and that will be continuously.

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