Friday, June 6, 2014


It is impossible to believe that the dreadful decision to swap Sergeant Bergdahl for 5 of the most important Taliban leaders could have been made without the benefit of alcohol. Surely it was made with the full knowledge of all the major participants that Sergeant Bergdahl was at best a deserter and at worst a collaborator whose desertion caused the deaths of at least 6 of our warriors who went in search of him.

During his campaign for the nomination in 2008 I wrote that the Middle East was the region where Barack Obama would eventually betray us all. This prediction was made not because I thought Obama would be incompetent but because listening to him I quickly realized that his values, and therefore his intentions, were not those of an American patriot. Unfortunately my prediction was accurate and now extends to every course of action he takes.

Obama thought he would reap a political victory by rescuing Bergdahl and by trotting out his parents at the White House in a cheap public relations stunt which backfired when Bergdahl's father revealed himself as a Taliban sympathizer. When Bergdahl Sr. started praising Allah in Arabic, Obama's faint smile betrayed his own preferences for something that he has sought to keep hidden from the American people since before he entered the Oval Office namely his fondness and nostalgia for Islam.

Our woebegone Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, has told us that he knew nothing about Sergeant Bergdahl's possible status as a deserter but a cursory inspection of his file would have revealed that members of Bergdahl's unit were required to sign a non-disclosure statement shortly after Bergdahl disappeared in 2009. Not much more effort would also have revealed Bergdahl's anti-American e-mails to his parents and his father's obvious sympathies for the enemies of America.

As the national security adviser this is something that would have been known to Susan Rice but preferring her role as Obama's version of Baghdad Bob she once again enthusiastically appeared on the Sunday morning news programs where in an encore of her Benghazi performance she lit up the airwaves with a dazzling fireworks display of stupidity when she advised us that Sergeant Bergdahl had served America "with honor and distinction". The truth has been outlawed in Obama's White House.

It is an enormous insult not only to the American people but also to every member of the United States' military for Obama to allege that swapping an army sergeant for 5 of the highest ranking Taliban leaders was a matter of urgency because Bergdahl's health was deteriorating and that America never leaves her soldiers behind. How noble! It's tragic and disturbing that the same urgency which motivated Bergdahl's release was not applied to saving our people in Benghazi.

Obama seems to think that America is safer when America is weaker. By aiding and abetting her enemies Obama has demonstrated, and not for the first time, that he is the greatest national security risk we have and he has yet to explain why it was deemed appropriate to inform congressional leaders about the sensitive and dangerous raid on bin Laden but not about a relatively simple prisoner exchange.

In the meantime the 5 happy members of the Taliban hierarchy are now in Qatar enjoying their freedom and plotting how best to destroy the United States but they had better hurry up before Obama does it first.

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  1. You have nailed it, Mr. Schnee! This is an inept administration, and those we have elected have dropped the ball. This is not America any longer. We need to get it back!


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